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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is financial planning for the spending years versus the accumulation years. It is a specialty not practiced by many. Our Firm takes pride in providing comprehensive retirement planning services to our client-partners. We understand the importance of reviewing our client-partners’ wills, estate plans/trusts, taxes and insurance in force. Our comprehensive associated services integrate all aspects of our client-partners’ financial picture in a coordinated effort to provide for financial clarity, peace of mind and multi-generational wealth when possible.

Some of the Retirement Planning Services We Provide:

  • Income Planning and Maximization
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Insurance Strategies and Solutions
  • Investment Strategies for Retirees
  • Estate Planning and Preservation
  • Beneficiary Review
  • Generational Vault

Just imagine a complete retirement strategy that encompasses all your income needs, as well as your financial, estate, and tax planning needs. A plan that can provide you confidence knowing you will never run out of money, when you utilize an annuity that guarantees income for life* well as the potential for growth via low risk low volatility money management solutions. At Greenline Associates, our coordinated approach will ensure that your plan is developed with an all-inclusive view. We have found that our client-partners’ needs are best met by focusing on processes and most importantly, people.


* Fixed-indexed annuities are subject to various charges and expenses which you should be familiar with. All guarantees are dependent on the insurance company’s financial strength and claims paying ability.

Greenline Associates and Tom Penland do not provide tax, legal and/or direct securities advice. We will coordinate efforts with your attorney, other advisors, independent tax and/or legal advisors. In the event that you do not have your own attorney or tax professional Greenline has strategic associations with experts in all areas, so that you can have everything done, as simply as possible, in one place. Many client-partners have found this joint professional coordination invaluable as it keeps everyone on the same page, moving smoothly in one direction.